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VIDEO istruzioni su come mettere per la prima volta un cane sul carrellino: carrelli posteriori, anteriori, a 4 ruote e per cani di grande taglia

VIDEO istruzioni su come mettere per la prima volta un cane sul carrellino: carrelli posteriori, anteriori, a 4 ruote e per cani di grande taglia

Veterinarian Demonstrates how to put a Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair on a dog
Un veterinario mostra come mettere un carrellino per cani della "Walkin' Wheels" su di un cane

Watch Dr. James StClaire, DVM and animal rehabilitation specialist as he demonstrates to put on and use the Waslin' Wheels dog wheelchair for handicapped pets. This cart is fully adjustable, folds flat, and is available overnight.
How to Measure your dog and put on a Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Come prendere le misure al tuo cane e metterlo su un carrellino per cani della "Walkin' Wheels" 
(e come montare il carrellino)

Nancy from shows, step by step, horw to measure a dog for the adjustable Walkin' Wheels Dog Cart. Watch this amazing amputee dog as he adjusts to the new way of walking.

Paralyzed Dog - 1st steps in Wheelchair  
Cane paralizzato - primi passi in un carrellino di

Nico indossa per la prima volta un carrellino. Da più di un anno a questa parte non ha mai camminato...
Nico's first steps in a Dog Wheelchair.
Marvin, a rescued Lab from R.I. donates wheelchair to Nico, a paralyzed Boxer in Revere, MA. Nico, a paraplegic after a stroke takes his first steps in over a year. and Marvin, a beautiful and happy 8 year old black lab, and his owner, Dr. EJ Finnochio from the RISPCA donate a cart to Nico, a happy 12 year old Boxer who still tries to chase the
neighborhood dogs and cats, even though he has paraplegia in his rear legs.

He suffered a spinal cord stroke, (F.C.E.) one year ago, and has been undergoing physical therapy for 2 months.

Nico's physical therapist, Ann Beth Chinchillo, PT,CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Provider), from Revere, MA was one of over 50 applicants to receive a 2nd cart donated by Marvin with the help of

Marvin discovered when Kathy Barton and her 4th grade class from Velma, OK donated a cart to Xavier, a cat who was also rescued from the RISPCA. The cart will be delivered to Nico early in August. is a website for the caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets with the products, services, and support they need. For more information, contact Deborah Winters at
How to put a dog in an Eddie's Wheels counterbalanced cart 
Come mettere un cane in un carrello controbilanciato della "Eddie's Wheels" 

This video shows us putting Jasper into his counterbalanced Eddie's Wheels cart.
 Anna the yellow lab's exciting first Eddie's Wheels try-out - dog wheelchair!
La prima eccitante prova di Anna, il labrador biondo, con il suo carrellino per cani!

Anna the yellow lab's exciting first Eddie's Wheels try-out!


 Eddie's Wheels Front Wheel Cart Training Video
Video istruzioni per carrellino frontale della "Eddie's Wheels" 

This is a video demonstrating how to properly put your dog into an Eddie's Wheels Front Wheel Cart, and it also briefly describes some of the initial training procedures.
Webster steps out! 
Webster esce!
(i primi passi di Webster col carrello, ora sostenuto con un'imbragatura per insegnargli la posizione giusta)

Webster, the larger of this sibling duo, finally gets to train on his front wheel cart. Being taller and longer, he has more complicated physical therapy issues to contend with. Getting his nubs positioned properly and then keeping him standing and moving was the big challenge. A leash under the yoke kept him up and liver biscotti in front of his nose kept him motivated.
Bo in his new front wheel dog wheelchair! 
Bo nel suo nuovo carrellino dalle ruote frontali! 
(le ultime sistemazioni delle cinghie)

Watch Bo try out his front wheel cart!

How to use Eddie's Wheels Training Wheels
Come usare un carrello con ruote da esercitazione della "Eddie's Wheels"
(ruote anteriori per un addizionale supporto frontale)

How to use Eddie's Wheels Training Wheels, designed for additional front-end support.
Casey in her dog wheelchair with training wheels!
Casey nel suo carrellino con ruote da esercitazione!

Casey has had degenerative myelopathy for over a year and needed extra assistance in her front end. Watch her go!

How to put a large dog in an Eddie's Wheels cart
Come mettere un cane di taglia grande su di un carrellino della "Eddie's Wheels"

How to put a large dog in an Eddie's Wheels cart

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